The SAFE Pilot Proficiency Project™ brings valuable proficiency training to pilots by combining relevant safety seminars, challenging simulator training sessions, food, and camaraderie into a weekend event. These events are held on a quarterly basis at venues across the US.

Conceived by SAFE in 2010, the Pilot Proficiency Project™ is a cooperative effort between SAFE, Redbird Flight Simulations, Starr Aviation, and other strategic partners. The Project makes forums and simulator training sessions available to address key safety of flight issues of interest to VFR and IFR pilots alike.

Forums are presented by some of the country’s top aviation educators, including Master Instructors, National CFIs of the Year, and noted subject matter experts. Redbird certified CFIs coach eleven different simulator scenarios, co-developed by SAFE instructors and the Redbird team, in the Redbird FMX full motion simulator.

The fee-based Project offers benefits to participating pilots such as WINGS credit for those enrolled in the FAA WINGS program, and Accident Forgiveness to qualifying pilots by Starr Aviation.

Additionally, SAFE hosts a dinner for its members and other interested parties on Saturday evening, followed by an interactive discussion on topics of relevance to the aviation educational community.

The event also includes a X/Wind landing contest, open to all participants, conducted in the Redbird XWindSE simulator, with the winner receiving a Lightspeed Zulu headset.